Unit 1 Chemistry Reflection

We learned about lots of things this unit. We learned about what atoms are made of, protons, neutrons, and electrons, and we learned about how they are charged. We learned about valence electrons, and how they are used in bonding. We  learned about elements, and how they make up everything in the universe.
I made a poster showing everything about my experiment; hypothesis, data, explanation, and conclusion. I made a table showing all the data we got from our experiments, I had written an explanation explaining the chemical reaction. I had a conclusion where I talk about whether the results matched the hypothesis or not. Because of this, I know it’s complete.
If I could do it differently, I would do something like a video, because I think I would have more fun making something like that. 
At the preparation stage, I would have had a better idea of what I was going to make before I made it.
It is really important to become good at preparation and thinking because you will always have really big projects your whole life, and if you develop those skills earlier it will be easier.

Robotics Tracks

It took me a really long time to figure out how to do the circle for the first track. For the smiley, that took a long time because I couldn’t adjust it on the spot, I had to change it on the track on the computer and then download it.

What I’ve Learned

  • y = mx + b
  • Linear Equations: when something increases or decreases at a constant rate
  • Graphing to solve systems & linear equations
  • Substitution method to solve systems
  • Elimination method to solve systems
  • Explaining equations in context

I feel most confident in everything above except for subsitution method. I need to work on looking back and double checking my work because if Ms Saich hadn’t pointed something out I would have done worse on a Summative.

Unit 2 Reflection – Desastres

In Unit 2 we learned about Preterite tense, and a Disasters, hence the name. Before the unit, I really struggled with the Preterite tense, and while there is still a ways to go, I feel like I have improved at it. Additionally, I knew nothing about disasters and the vocab words about disasters. Before the unit, if you wanted to have a conversation with me about an earthquake that had happened, in Spanish, I would be lost. I would like to focus my efforts on learning the Preterite tense more and becoming better at using it. 

José María Reflection

For the Jose Maria presentation, I think I did alright, but there is a lot of room for improvement. My plan is to read the story more, and get a really good feel for the plot. This will help improve my fluency, so I don’t have to take a long time to think about what happened in the story. Then I’ll look at the vocab list, and look for words that are used in the story. I can look at these to improve my word choice and language usage. Then I can try reading through my summary at home, and be confident with my words so I don’t mumble, and speak clearly. This will improve my comprehensability and pronunciation. 

Resumen del Artículo del Desastre

El enorme incendio forestal quemaduras en California. El cuadrillas del bomberos han arrojado hasta 203 mil galones de retardante en un solo día en sus intentos por combatir el fuego en la zona. Él retardante es mezclar de fertilizantes y agua con colorante rojo que se utilizar para combatir la incendió forestales. La cantidad de retardantes utilizados estableció un récord. Los locales apodaron el incendio; “King Fire.”