1) What is something from PE that has surprised you about your self as a PE student? Why is it surprising?
A) What surprised me was when I did the high jump and I found the western roll harder than the Fosbury flop and most people found it easier than Fosbury flop.
2) What is something that you are proud of your self for during PE so far this year? Why?
A) I’m proud of my mile time because I improved it by more than a minute from 8:25 to 7:14
3) Describe one goal you have for yourself for the remainder of the year. What will you need to do to reach this goal?
A) To work harder on my fitness test and I will do this by improving my stamina by slower doing it for longer and longer.

Describe specific examples of your contributions to safety, inclusion, and participation so far in PE. Also how you intend to continue or improve your practice of these habits.

I have been safe by signaling to people when I wanted to overtake them in the 10 minute run and avoid accidentally having a collision.

I was inclusive when I was fair and I did Rock Paper Scissors with my group to see who would run first.

I was a participant when I tried my hardest in the fitness test.

To improve my fitness I will do push ups and sit ups at home and increase the number every week.

Quarter 2:

Today we did fitness testing. Some of my numbers have increased, like my dips and push-ups, but that is because I worked on those at home and I decreased a little bit because I didn’t practice them because I thought I did pretty well the first time and wanted to work on other stuff.

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