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Parent Teacher Comference Science Reflection

Q: What has been your greatest challenge so far this year science?

A: The solar system project was very difficult. Between calculating the distance the planets and the sizes, it involved a lot of computation.

Q: How have you met this challenge?

A: My group collaborated really well and we split up the tasks.

Q: What has been your greatest success in science? What are you most proud of?

A: My editing of the movie for the solar system project was really good

Q: What do you need to do to finish strong?

A: Continue on the pace I am currently on.

Water Cycle Journey Reflection

Around the begin inning of semester 2, we begun our journey of the water cycle. When we started, my memories of third grade started flooding back to me, except we learned so much more. With the help of the USGS Water Cycle Website, we created presentations showing the water cycle journey we took in the in class activity.

Unit 1 Chemistry Reflection

We learned about lots of things this unit. We learned about what atoms are made of, protons, neutrons, and electrons, and we learned about how they are charged. We learned about valence electrons, and how they are used in bonding. We  learned about elements, and how they make up everything in the universe.
I made a poster showing everything about my experiment; hypothesis, data, explanation, and conclusion. I made a table showing all the data we got from our experiments, I had written an explanation explaining the chemical reaction. I had a conclusion where I talk about whether the results matched the hypothesis or not. Because of this, I know it’s complete.
If I could do it differently, I would do something like a video, because I think I would have more fun making something like that. 
At the preparation stage, I would have had a better idea of what I was going to make before I made it.
It is really important to become good at preparation and thinking because you will always have really big projects your whole life, and if you develop those skills earlier it will be easier.