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Going Through the Phases


Here is a chart with everything I recorded during the experiment.

Investigation part I (Solid – Liquid phase change)

When did you notice a change in temperature?

When the hot plate was increased.

What did you observe about the temperature of the water over time once the ice was completely melted?

It increased A LOT.

Why did the temperature of the water stop rising?

It never did.

Investigation part II (Liquid – Gas phase change)

1. What was added to the water in the glass or metal container on the hot plate that caused the temperature to change?


2. Describe the temperature of the water while it was being heated to the point of evaporation.

It was rapidly increasing.

3. Did the temperature reach boiling point before or after the water began to evaporate?


Observations and Inference

Here is my quantitative observation about the classroom:

There are 4 whiteboards and 1 projector board

Here is my qualitative observation about the classroom:

The whiteboards have writing on them.

My inference is that this is a place where people learn about science.