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Math Relfection

How did you prepare?

I didn’t study, because I don’t want to learn things more than once. I comprehended it to the fullest as we go along.

Thoughts about results

I’m happy with the first part of my results. I think I messed up on the outlier part, because I did it the opposite way. I know that if I had double checked, I would have corrected my error. On the retake I will fix that.

Next Steps

Double check my paper and not rush through it. Thoughtfully read the questions instead of just storming through.

What I’ve Learned

  • y = mx + b
  • Linear Equations: when something increases or decreases at a constant rate
  • Graphing to solve systems & linear equations
  • Substitution method to solve systems
  • Elimination method to solve systems
  • Explaining equations in context

I feel most confident in everything above except for subsitution method. I need to work on looking back and double checking my work because if Ms Saich hadn’t pointed something out I would have done worse on a Summative.

Math Linear Equations SA Reflection

We did a summative assessment on linear equations, and I got full meetings across the board, however I think there are still some things I need to work on. If Ms. Saich hadn’t told me to go through my work one last time, I would have gotten Approaching on one of the questions. I need to take my time at the end of a test, and make sure I gave 100% all the way through.