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Fed Up Movie Debrief

Q: What has shocked or surprised you the most from the film Fed Up? Why?

A: The segment where they showed a normal day of meals in the US, and how many tablespoons of sugar was in each meal. The WHO recommends 6-9 tablespoons of sugar a day, and all the meals together had 41.

Q: Identify who or what exerted the most positive and negative influence on Brady’s eating habits, and provide evidence to support your claim.

A: I think his Mom was a positive influence on Brady, because she was the one who initiated the healthy eating in his family. I think his school was a negative influence because they only served fried and other processed and fatty foods.

Q: How was your thinking on processed foods changed after watching Fed Up?

A: I always knew how bad they were for you, and it only solidified my thinking about how toxic they are.

Q: What questions do you still have about processed food, nutrition and health?

A: None