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Costume Design

Costume design is the process is making costumes for a staged production. It starts with drawings, like the one below, and then measuring the actor, and then making the costume. Below is my costume design for the witch in the musical Room on the Broom. I was inspired by 1960’s fashion for this piece. My process of design elements was figuring out which fashion period to use, and then try to incorporate it with the idea for a witch.

Scene Design: Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

          In Design and Theater Tech, we had a unit about set design. At first we learned about different types of sets and what the process is to make a set. We then read the script for the play Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, and were tasked with making a set for it. We needed to incorporate a living room, a kitchen, and two bedrooms. We also needed to have a change in set where we can get a shoe store, and a dentist office. I found it difficult drawing the upstairs, but once I overcame that it was not as difficult.