John Doe Essay

This is a really hard question. Considering the ethical part, with this extremely difficult decision his parents have to make, whether or not to, in essence, kill their child, or the scientific part, with him basically being brain dead, showing barely any signs of life, other really than growing hair, nails, and occasional gurgling noises. It all really comes down to the parents.
If you love your son so much, so much that your are willing to pay most of your income to barely keep him alive, just to be able to see him breathing every day, rather than having to bury him, and kill him, having to live the rest of your life knowing that he’s gone so young, then I wouldn’t do it. But if you really just can’t afford it, and would rather have him gone than having to have to see him everyday in such an unstable condition, knowing you could do nothing about it, I would do it.
I know I am absolutely no position to give my opinion on this, knowing I don’t have a child, but I think that if he is in such unstable condition, and that he is literally being kept alive by the machine, I would have to let him go. Once again, I am in absolutely no position to make this decision, but I think I would love him to much to have to live every day knowing there is absolutely nothing you can do. Now, thinking back, that sounds a little cowardice, but just imagine the position you would be in Ms. Gulati. If every day you saw your son, helplessly hanging on to life, what would you do?
It goes back to one of the main questions, What is life, then you couldn’t really be considered living, but alive. I think that being alive means that you are breathing, and you aren’t dead, but living, really, is different. Living is being able to experience the world. Living is being able to walk, talk, and interact with other organisms, and living your life. It depends whether or not you want your child to be barely alive, or not living.
I think that if I took him off, and then adopted another child, that would be really selfish because you are basically caring for yourself more than your offspring, and then escaping from what you’ve done, so I would keep him on as long as possible.

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