KWL Geology Chart

Here is my chart for science with what I know about geology and what what I want to learn.


Here is what I learned:

I now know that convergent boundaries are tectonic plates crash into each other, and divergent boundaries are when they go away from each other. Transform boundaries are when they rub past each other. The continental crust is the crust above the ocean and the oceanic crust is the one under it. Pangea was the continent that was the continents in one. It was proposed y Alfred wegener the focus in an earthquake is the part under the crust on the lithosphere, which is the crust and the uppermost layer of the mantle, and then the focus is caused by a fault line which sends cosmic waves to the crust and when that reaches the crust it is called the epicenter. The crust is the uppermost layer of the earth and the mantle is the next part below, and the densest part, and then there is the outer core, which is followed by the inner core which is liquid hot metal. Pahoehoe is a type of lava that is fast moving and have low viscosity, and AA is the same thing but with a high viscosity.

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